No-Bake Vegan Cheesecake With Red Beet Crystals—It's Out of This Swirled!

Thanks to its pretty pink hue and striking swirls, this dessert is a standout worthy of a special occasion. Consider it for the holidays and other celebrations. Or enjoy it as a simple, satisfying, refined-sugar-free treat any time of the year.

Red Beet Crystal Cheesecake


A Bold & Beautiful Breakfast: Red Fruit Smoothie Bowl with Red Beet Crystals

This colorful and delectable recipe is packed with fruits and even a serving of veggies thanks to our Red Beet Crystals. Blend up a bowl for your next breakfast or a satisfying snack.

Red Beet Crystal Smoothie Bowl


Red Beet Hummus with Red Beet Crystals: The Perfect Snack & Party Pleaser

This Red Beet Hummus recipe couldn’t be easier to whip up and is completely customizable to your tastes and preferences.

Red Beet Crystal Hummus


Delicious & Nutritious Beet Feta Salad—With Red Beet Crystals 3 Ways

When you want a quick and simple yet filling, healthy meal, there’s nothing better than a leafy green salad piled high with all manner of tasty toppings.

Red Beet Crystal Salad


Unbeetable Refreshment: Sparkling Pink Lemonade with Red Beet Crystals

When you’re looking to quench your thirst on a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than an ice-cold cup of lemonade… well, except for a glacial glass of homemade Sparkling Pink Lemonade with our organic Red Beet Crystals!

Red Beet Crystal Lemonade