As part of your weekly meal prep, blend up a batch of these Red Beet Energy Balls. That way you’ve got delicious yet healthy pick-me-ups on hand to get you through the days ahead. They really are a quintessential snack: bite-sized, energy-supporting, and fast and simple to make—no baking required.*

Snack Smarter with Red Beet Crystals

When you think of beets, you probably don’t think “perfect snack food.” After all, they can take a bit of time to prepare. That’s where our Red Beet Crystals come in.

Crafted from the juice of freshly harvested organic beets, these superfood crystals provide an easy way to bring all the benefits of beets to quick bites, full meals, and drinks alike. (For example, they elevate hummus from a simple spread to a snack that’s as eye-catching as it is mouthwatering.) They are instantly soluble and lend a hint of natural sweetness when mixed into the recipe of your choice. Plus, they’re vegan, non-GMO, and Certified Organic so you can feel good about adding them to anything and everything!

Red Beet Energy Balls

Makes 8 balls

Red Beet Energy Balls

This recipe couldn’t be easier to prepare. It uses staples you likely already have in your pantry and doesn’t involve too many steps beyond a few pulses of the food processor. Feel free to customize with different nut butters, nuts, dried fruits, and natural sweeteners; just substitute with your preference and follow the same instructions. From peanut butter to pumpkin seeds to maple syrup, the options are endless.

For a boost, the recipe calls for maca powder. Not familiar with maca? This caffeine-free herb grows in the high elevations of the Andes Mountains and has long been used to support healthy energy and stamina.*


Red Beet Energy Balls Ingredients

• 4 tbsp Organic Red Beet Crystals, divided (2 tbsp for the balls themselves, 2 tbsp for coating)

• 1/4 cup coconut flour

• 2 tbsp coconut flakes

• 2 tsp maca powder (such as Gaia Herbs Maca Powder)

• 2 tbsp golden raisins

• 1/3 cup almond butter

• 1/4 cup organic honey


Red Beet Energy Balls Instructions

1. Add 2 tbsp Red Beet Crystals, the coconut flour, coconut flakes, maca powder, and golden raisins to a food processor and blend.

2. Add almond butter and organic honey and blend again to combine. If after fully blended the mixture seems dry and crumbly, you can add a little bit more honey. It should hold together easily like a dough.

3. Take a bite-sized amount of the mixture and roll to form a ball. Repeat until all the mixture has been used; the recipe makes approximately 8 energy balls.

4. Put the remaining 2 tbsp Red Beet Crystals into a bowl. (You can also add some additional coconut flakes for texture if you’d like.) Roll the balls in the crystals to coat for a little extra natural sweetness and color.

5. Store the balls in the refrigerator until ready to eat, then enjoy!

Recipe and photographs courtesy of Amy Ortiz

A superfan of our superfood supplement, Amy Ortiz is a photographer, food blogger, and content creator in Asheville, NC. She enjoys living a simple yet enriching life on a farm, raising a multicultural family, and cooking wholesome and delicious homemade food. Amy is the creator of the Señora Amy Ortiz blog, which features an assortment of authentic recipes from around the world and her own original culinary creations. She is also the creator of Spicy Grandmas—a YouTube Channel series—where she learns to cook from the world's most endearing and daring grandmothers.