The holiday season means one thing: food. So many holiday traditions revolve around meals, whether it’s a big turkey dinner with the whole family, an appetizer-heavy holiday party with coworkers, or latkes and sufganiyot during Hanukkah. Your family may have special meals that are made only for the holiday season, or perhaps you mix it up and go out to restaurants or host potlucks. 

If you’re looking for holiday recipe inspiration with a healthy twist, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite holiday recipes to inspire your holiday cooking, baking, and relaxing, all made with the versatile, nutrient-packed Red Beet Crystals.

What makes beets such a must-have for all your holiday meal planning? They’re rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium. We make our soluble crystals from the juice of freshly harvested organic beets for delicately sweet flavor that enhances your go-to everyday and special occasion recipes.

A Winter Warmup: Red Velvet Vegan Hot Chocolate

Best for: Chilly nights by the fire, a craveable sweet treat for kids

Sit down and savor this rich red velvet vegan hot chocolate, made with coconut milk, organic cacao powder, maca powder, and Red Beet Crystals. Not only does it look like a delicious red velvet cake thanks the magenta hue of the beets, it’s just as sweet and satisfying — with more health benefits! 

Red Beet Energy Balls

Best for: Pre-shopping fuel

Before you make your list and check it twice, fuel up with Red Beet Energy Balls. These bite-size balls contain maca powder to support daily energy.* They’re loaded with nourishing vitamins and minerals that help you keep it moving from AM to PM and they’re super easy to take on the go.* Time to get shopping!

Red Beet Holiday Hummus

Best for: Brightening up the potluck

You’ll make a statement at any holiday party when you show up with this vibrant magenta hummus. Red Beet Crystals give it that unmistakable color and a hint of sweetness, while chickpeas and tahini add rich, creamy flavor and texture. Add a variety of toppings for a dish that’s all your own — and the MVP of the office holiday potluck!

Red Beet Cranberry Sauce

Best for: Innovative updates to a Thanksgiving essential

It’s not Thanksgiving without the cranberry sauce! Adding Red Beet Crystals to the mix, plus orange and cinnamon, gives the go-to sauce an extra dose of sweet flavor, plus the many health benefits of beets and cranberries combined. What could be better? 

Post-Dinner Digestif

Best for: Keeping things moving after indulging

Don’t forget the post-meal digestif! Support healthy holiday digestion with Gallexier® Herbal Bitters Liquid Herbal Supplement, a blend of bitter plants like Dandelion, Artichoke, Turmeric, and Fennel.* This plant-based liquid supports digestion and absorption and is a must-have for any big holiday dinners or parties.* Mix it with a splash of orange or cranberry juice and serve over ice for a delicious twist on a mocktail.