The sun is out, the birds are singing and everything is lush, green, and alive, including the stands at your local farmers market. Eating what’s in season is a wonderful way to feel good and eat better, as is living more seasonally and adapting your routines to suit the weather. Connect with nature in and out of the kitchen and you’ll feel the benefits! Check out a few of our favorite ways to live more seasonally and why it matters to your community and the planet.


Make a weekly farmers market trip to support local farmers.


If you’re lucky enough to live near a farmers market, make it a habit to visit and stock up on fresh produce each week. You’ll make connections with local farmers and support their work, but you’ll also be able to enjoy super flavorful in-season produce. Grab your go-tos like lettuce and kale, but make a point to try something new every week to flex your cooking prowess.


Fresher foods just taste better.


We don’t have to tell you that fruits and veggies are packed with feel-good vitamins and minerals, so add more to your plate this season. (Did you know studies show that fresher food doesn’t just taste better, but is better for you?) Local honey, too, may be a balm for your allergies; it has been known to help support spring wellness.


Eating locally helps the planet.


When you buy in-season produce, you’re helping reduce carbon emissions because the produce isn’t traveling as far — no planes, boats, or semi trucks going cross-country to deliver your berries!


Eat dinner outside.


Now that you’ve got your groceries, it’s time to prep them for weekly meals! Wash and cut veggies as soon as you get home so they’re ready to go for dinner time, then whip up something colorful and healthy and take it outside to enjoy. Bonus points if you keep your phone inside and really focus on your food and the people around you. Pro tip: Wash down your dinner with a delicious glass of Red Beet Crystal Lemonade.


Get up earlier.


We’d never deny the pleasures of sleeping late, but getting up just a bit earlier allows you more time to enjoy the beauty of summer. Try 30 minutes earlier than usual and spend those bonus moments with your coffee or tea watching the sun wake up the world.


De-stress with nature.


Summer shouldn’t be stressful — it should be a season of relaxation and rejuvenation. If you’re dealing with stress, however, why not try connecting with nature to help calm you down and get your body back to balance? Put away your devices and find a quiet spot in your yard or a local park or take a long walk or run to help soothe your worries.