Let’s face it: We live in a digital world. We’re connected 24/7 — attached to our phones, laptops, tablets and TV screens. Children in particular spend way more time looking at screens — an observation that inspired the 1000 Hours Outside initiative. According to their findings, kids spend about 1,200 hours per year looking at screens, and they want to try and equal that with time spent discovering and enjoying nature.

As a brand with a deep love of the outdoors and a passion for heading outside and enjoying everything nature has to offer, this obviously appealed to us, and we have a feeling it may spark interest for you too. There are about 700 hours in a month, so you’ve got ample time to get outside with your friends and family and take advantage of what summer has to offer — fresh air, time with nature and lots of heart-pounding activity!

1. Start a running or walking club with your friends or neighbors.

Make it a date and meet a few times a week for a long walk or run around the neighborhood or a local park. You’re getting active, spending quality time with friends and enjoying the weather. What could be better than that?

2. Set mandatory “outdoor times” for your kids.

If your little ones would rather watch Netflix than run around the yard, give them a gentle nudge to explore the outdoors by setting mandatory outside times; even 10 or 15 minutes outside per day counts. They don’t have to play tag or race their bikes — helping tend the garden or reading a book counts too.

3. Go camping.

Really maximize your outside time by setting up camp in the great outdoors. Whether you pitch a tent or cozy up in a camper, spend time cooking over a campfire, exploring the surroundings, staring up at the stars and yes, scratching those bug bites. (It’s part of the experience)!

4. Plan outdoor parties.

Have the neighbors over for a barbecue or a movie in the yard. Throw your child’s birthday party at a local pool or beach. Instead of going to a restaurant for brunch, meet a friend for a walk and then make a healthy meal together and eat it on your patio. If you can shift any summer event outdoors, do it!

5. Take the dog on more walks.

Your pet certainly won’t complain! You’ll both benefit from the extra exercise and time spent together enjoying the quiet of a summer evening or the bustle of a busy afternoon.

6. Plant a garden.

If you haven’t already, plant flowers in a planter or try your hand at growing lettuce. A garden requires care, which means frequent time weeding, watering and tending to those beautiful plants.

7. Watch the sunset.

Grab the family and watch the sun go down together at the end of the day. Sometimes those simple quiet moments are the most memorable.

8. Sign up for an outdoor fitness class.

Take your yoga practice to the park or sign up for swimming lessons at the lake, not an indoor pool.

9. Eat dinner al fresco.

Lunch just tastes better on the deck, the balcony or the rooftop of your office building.

10. Go on a family bike ride.

Grab your wheels and your helmets and take off together. Bonus points if you pack a picnic lunch.

11. Try a new hiking path.

Break out of your routine and head to a nearby state park or hiking trail to experience new views and new challenges.

12. Turn your kids into nature explorers.

Have them record what they see on a walk or even in the yard: bugs, flowers, leaves, birds, and animals alike. Embrace their curiosity and encourage them to ask questions and look closely at the world around them.

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