If you’re anything like us, May means summer vacation is on the horizon, and all you can think about is getting away from the grind: packing your bags, a few good books and enjoying some peace and quiet, visiting family and friends, or heading off on a long flight to see the sights across the ocean. No matter what your summer vacation plans are this year, don’t neglect your wellness routine when you’re on the road (or a plane, or a train, or even a boat)! Pack with care so you can feel your best when splashing in the ocean, kicking back on a lounge chair, or restaurant-hopping in a new city.

Plan ahead.

Don’t leave your packing for the last minute, especially if you’re packing for yourself, your kids, and maybe even your pets. A week or so before you depart, make a list of the things you absolutely cannot forget to bring along — medications, chargers, special stuffed animals — and keep it where you can easily see it so you don’t leave the house without those items. If you can, lay out a suitcase and start adding items to it as you think of them so they’re ready and waiting when it’s time to actually start packing.

Think about your destination as you plan your packing. Will the nights be chilly? Are you staying somewhere, like with friends or family, where you can borrow clothing if you don’t pack adequately or forget something, or is there a store nearby? What can you wear and re-wear? Will you need to iron or steam anything upon arrival?

Charge devices before you go.

There’s nothing worse than hitting the road or arriving at the airport to discover your e-reader, laptop, or tablet is almost out of battery life. Avoid kid meltdowns and long flight boredom by ensuring every single digital device is fully charged the night before your trip, and make sure each charger is packed in a carry-on or easily accessible bag when you need a reboot.

Bring your sneakers.

You don’t have to get in a full workout every day of your vacation, but there’s nothing better than a morning run near the lake or a long walk after dinner. Pack your favorite pair of sneakers to keep your feet comfortable for sightseeing, hiking, or even squeezing in a 15-minute jog when you’re in the mood.

Take your energy support to go.*

You don’t have to miss a day of your supplement routine just because you’re on vacation; after all, you want the energy to do everything on your schedule! Leave the Floradix® Iron + Herbs Liquid Herbal Supplement at home and pack the Iron Tablets With B Vitamins instead. These convenient tablets are formulated with 10 mg iron per tablet, plus B-vitamins like folate, and are easy to toss in your toiletry bag or carry-on to support your energy levels.*

Pack healthy snacks.

Satisfy your cravings and save a little cash when you pack your own snacks for a long flight or car trip. Stopping at the convenience store or drive-thru is part of the fun of a road trip, but bringing some healthy items alongside those vacation treats helps keep things balanced. Think apples, nuts, energy bars, and dried fruit or fruit strips.

Don’t skimp on sleep.

If you know you need a certain pillow, sound machine, or blanket to get a good night’s sleep, take it along! Staying with friends or at a hotel? If you’re a light sleeper, it might be a good idea to bring a set of earplugs and a sleep mask to block out light and noise.