Grab your bike, water skis, paddleboard, running shoes, beach bag, or all of the above, because it’s officially summertime! There’s nothing like sunshine, fresh air, blue skies, and days packed with possibility to get you in the summer spirit, and even better? It’s the best season for all things wellness. Delicious fruits and veggies are in season, the weather is beautiful, and everyone wants to spend as much time outside as they can. What better time to make a summer bucket list with a wellness angle and complete it with your friends, family or coworkers? Get busy, get active, and get ready to make this the best summer ever.


Take a trip somewhere you’ve never been before.
Summer is a great time to revisit your favorite family destinations, but why not change it up this year and book a trip somewhere you’ve never been before? You’ll stay active by exploring a new location and can liven up your taste buds with fresh cuisines.


Challenge yourself to try a new fitness activity.
There’s no time like the present to join a running group, sign up for tai chi, learn how to paddleboard or waterski, or set a summer goal. The weather is beautiful, the days are long, and the possibilities are truly endless.


Work out outside.
Take your workouts off the treadmill and into the neighborhood. Explore local trails or new pockets of your neighborhood. If you don’t typically exercise outside, you’ll be working your muscles in a different way on different terrain. Try early AM yoga in the park or your backyard. Go for long bike rides with your family. You may not even feel like you’re exercising at all, just having fun!


Take work outside.
Can you have that 1:1 meeting alfresco or take a call while you walk your dog? Do it! Don’t feel like you have to sit indoors 24/7 in summertime. If your WiFi can handle it, why not work on the patio for a bit or have a team meeting on the office rooftop?


Drink more water.
Warmer temperatures mean your body needs extra hydration to stay cool, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Challenge yourself to up your water intake, but remember you’re not limited to just plain old H20. Experiment by adding different fruits, veggies, and herbs to your water or make a big batch of unsweetened iced tea — that counts too!


Make something grow.
Plants, flowers, veggies, fruits, anything! It’s amazing to care for a plant and watch it blossom, so why not take a trip to the local garden center for herbs and houseplants or try your hand at a patch of kale or strawberries? If you can’t plant a garden, join a community garden or make weekly farmers market visits part of your summer routine; it’s a fun and easy way to load up on in-season produce from local farmers, then get creative in the kitchen with new-to-you meals and recipes.


Relax without devices.
No phone. No computer. No tablet. No screens. Challenge yourself and your kids (if you have them) to unwind in the evening or on the weekend without any digital distractions. An e-reader is OK, but use this time to encourage kids to tap into their imagination or creativity without a TV or tablet to occupy them. Instead of watching a show before bed, sit outside and stargaze, build a bonfire, institute a nightly reading routine, or do some gentle yoga together. It may just become a habit that continues long after summer ends.