You’ve heard us say before that our Red Beet Crystals are incredibly versatile—an easy way to add all the benefits of beets to any drink or dish (sweet and savory alike). Nowhere is that versatility more on display than in this recipe roundup. We’ve put together a holiday menu that features our superfood supplement from the appetizer to dessert.

Crafted from the juice of freshly harvested organic beets, the crystals add a hint of natural sweetness (and color!) to these recipes. They’re vegan, non-GMO, and Certified Organic, so you can feel confident using them in the kitchen—for celebrations and every day.

Appetizer: Red Beet Hummus

This hummus is a showstopping spread thanks to its eye-catching fuchsia color, created naturally from our Red Beet Crystals. And it tastes as great as it looks, with a rich and creamy base and herby, zesty customizable topping. Serve it as an appetizer to kick your holiday meal off to an impressive start, or bring it to a holiday potluck as the perfect party pleaser. CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE.

Light Fare: Red Beet Feta Salad

Serve this dish as an impressive salad course or a satisfying but on-the-light-side main. It starts with a base of peppery arugula, features the winning combination of beets and feta cheese, and tosses on crunchy, refreshing pickled fennel plus walnuts that are roasted for a deeper flavor—and it’s all finished off with a delicious dressing. Prepare some components ahead of time, and it comes together in a flash. What’s more, it uses our Red Beet Crystals in not just one but three ways! CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE.

Side Dish: Red Beet Cranberry Sauce

Cranberries, orange peels and raw sugar
Don’t write off cranberry sauce for the holidays just because you had it for Thanksgiving. This version features orange and that quintessential winter spice cinnamon, making it a must for your December table, too. Of course, it also includes our Red Beet Crystals for natural sweetness and vibrancy. CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE.

Dessert: No-Bake Vegan Cheesecake with Red Beet Crystals

Your vegan and gluten-free guests can still enjoy dessert with this no-bake cheesecake. With its pretty pink hue and striking Red Beet Crystal swirls, it’s a standout truly worthy of a spot on your holiday table. Plus, it’s made without any refined sugar—seriously—for an end-of-the-night indulgence you can feel great about. CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE.

Drink: Red Beet Spritzer Mocktail

This mocktail is the holidays in a glass: Our Red Beet Crystals turn it a beautiful shade of holiday crimson, and it’s garnished with its own mini Christmas tree (aka rosemary sprig). Cranberry ice cubes make it extra special for the special occasion. CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE.

BONUS RECIPES: Digestive Support, On the Rocks*

Herbal Bitters Mocktail
Let’s face it, there are times—like holiday meals—when we overdo it and need a little digestive support.*

Before or after your holiday meal, consider a mocktail made with our Gallexier® Herbal Bitters, formulated to support healthy digestion, relieve occasional upset stomach or indigestion, and soothe the stomach during times of occasional stress.* These three recipes feature holiday flavors and garnishes, so you’ll feel festive and keep feeling your best.* CLICK HERE FOR THE MOCKTAILS and to learn much more about herbal bitters.


Recipes and photographs courtesy of Amy Ortiz

A superfan of our superfood supplement, Amy Ortiz is a photographer, food blogger, and content creator in Asheville, NC. She enjoys living a simple yet enriching life on a farm, raising a multicultural family, and cooking wholesome and delicious homemade food. Amy is the creator of the Señora Amy Ortiz blog, which features an assortment of authentic recipes from around the world and her own original culinary creations. She is also the creator of Spicy Grandmas—a YouTube Channel series—where she learns to cook from the world's most endearing and daring grandmothers.