We’re thrilled to announce a new collaboration between Floradix USA and Front Range Elite, designed to bring you inspiring content to help you live your best healthy, active life. Read on for the details.

What Is Front Range Elite?

Front Range Elite is a Colorado-based nonprofit with a clear mission: foster a supportive space in which athletes can develop their potential as they pursue running careers. Currently, the organization backs a team of 11 amazing women who are training for excellence in the field while promoting clean sport, serving their community, and acting as good stewards of the Earth.

One of the group’s main goals? Qualify for the 2024 Olympic Trials. Wow! And they’re looking to grow and do even more in the future.

Group of people running down a trail

Why Floradix and Front Range Elite?

It just makes sense for our brand and the nonprofit to work together. After all, Floradix creates trusted iron products—including the best-selling natural liquid iron supplement in the US today, Floradix® Iron + Herbs—and this essential nutrient is extremely important for athletes. Iron is critical to proper muscle functioning and plays a vital role in providing the body with the energy it needs to move.

Without enough iron, an athlete’s performance can be impaired. Their muscles may not function optimally, and they may feel more fatigued in general and unable to work out or compete at their maximum.

Because of their intense physicality, athletes are actually at greater risk for iron deficiency, especially female athletes and long-distance runners. And since athletes are more likely to develop low iron than the general population but need proper stores to train and compete, it’s immensely important they maintain healthy iron levels—through the foods they eat and the use of supplements like ours when appropriate.

What’s more, Salus, maker of Floradix, is also deeply committed to protecting our planet, with a comprehensive environmental management system that involves all company areas from purchasing to production to shipping. Read the latest Salus Sustainability Report for more information.

What Does This Mean for You?!

We know that many of you are athletes. Whether you’re a runner or you participate in another endurance sport or activity, we want to not only bring you supplements that can help you stay healthy and active but also inspired stories plus exciting tips and tricks to encourage you and aid in your pursuits.*

Over the next several months, Front Range Elite team members including trail and ultra runner Jenna Bensko, a current MS student in Colorado State University’s Food Science and Human Nutrition Department, will author guest blogs that share everything from their most memorable running moments, to their current eating plans and overall approaches to nutrition, to their wellness routines and how they use supplemental iron to support the body’s formation of red blood cells and sustain energy.*

We can’t wait to share their articles with you. Stay tuned…


† SPINS Vitamins & Minerals Iron: Natural Channel 52 Weeks End 3-20-2022