You probably have a workout routine you love, a healthy meal plan that keeps you on track during the week, and a relaxation ritual to ground you when life gets stressful, or perhaps you’re working on implementing the above into your life. That’s great! Wellness is an ever-evolving, ever-changing process, and it’s different for everyone.
Those big wellness practices can be totally life-changing, but don’t overlook the small stuff! We call them mini moments of wellness: little practices, rituals, and lifestyle adjustments that enhance your everyday life. They’re everywhere! You just have to keep an eye out for them or incorporate them into your routine. Below, we’re sharing a few ways to feel better throughout the day.


Fresh air
There’s a reason people describe others as “a breath of fresh air.” You know exactly what that feels like: the energy shifts, your mood perks up, things seem better and brighter in just an instant. Just getting outside can do the same for you throughout the day. Open the blinds and the windows to let the sunshine and air in. Take a five-minute break to sit outdoors and just breathe. It may just shift your perspective entirely.


Taking a break
It sounds simple, but stepping away from what you’re doing can be difficult, even when you really, really need a break. Many of us eat lunch at our desks or take meetings during the lunch hour, tack on one extra task just to get it done, and overload our plates to make a good impression. But remember, knowing your limits is an important part of your approach to wellness, and it’s OK to take a break during the day. If you can, step away, put down your devices, and just be. Even for five minutes.


Nothing lightens your mood and wakes up your senses like a good old-fashioned belly laugh. When you’re in a stress spiral, feeling low energy, or bummed about something, remember that laughter truly can be the best medicine. Pull up clips from a favorite funny movie, watch a comedian you love, call a friend who always gets you giggling, or play with your kids. Instant mood-booster.


Like laughter, music can be a powerful energy shifter. Think about how you feel when you’re driving in your car and your favorite song comes on. It’s the best feeling, isn’t it? Consider a calming low-fi playlist when you need to focus or something upbeat to shake you out of a bad mood. Music can totally change the vibe of your day, so pull up your favorite streaming platform, turn up the radio, or put a record on.


Expressing yourself creatively makes you happy, simple as that. Making time to pursue your chosen creative pursuits — like watercolor painting, writing, singing, playing an instrument, woodworking, whatever — connects with a different part of your brain. It’s inspiring, relaxing, and just brings out the happy vibes.


We’re often moving so fast that we forget to recognize when things are going well, or spend time wishing we had more money, a bigger home, better clothes, or a nicer car versus appreciating the things we do have. Implement a daily gratitude practice and take just a few minutes to recognize what you’re thankful for in life. It can be something big, like your health, or something small, like a hug from your child or getting coffee from a friend at work. You can move your body. You can eat a healthy meal. You can appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. There, don’t you feel better already?