There are so many ways to take your daily supplements: traditional capsules, easy-to-take chewables, flavored gummies, and even powders you can mix into your daily smoothie or juice. With such a plethora of options, why would one opt to take a liquid supplement versus a softgel or capsule format?

If you’re wondering why you should replace your supplements with a liquid version, here’s what to know about Floradix liquid supplement formulas and how they can fit into your active, busy lifestyle.


Quicker absorption.

The biggest benefit of a liquid supplement is that it’s more easily absorbed by the body, so those vitamins, minerals, and nutrients can get to work faster. (This is also known as bioavailability.) For example, Floradix® Iron + Herbs is the best selling liquid iron supplement in the United States because its gentle formula is quickly absorbed, a major benefit for people dealing with an iron deficiency. †


Easily digestible.

If you have a sensitive digestive system and experience nausea or upset from a different supplement formula, you may find a liquid format is easier on your body and more comfortable to digest.

Floradix liquid supplements are formulated to be gentle on your system and easy to digest — it’s another way we optimize our formulas to fit your life.

Two Floradix Iron supplements in packaging surrounded by fruit


A liquid supplement is so easy to add to your daily routine! You can easily incorporate it into your day. If you prefer taking your supplements in the morning with breakfast, mix it up with juice. If you’d rather take it in the afternoon, great! The gentle formula means it’s easy to enjoy whenever it works for you.



Whether you mix it into your smoothie or juice, add it to your water, or simply take your daily dose straight from the dosing cup, a liquid formula can really do it all. Many Floradix formulas are combined with fruit juices for a pleasant, lightly flavored experience.


Good-for-you ingredients.

Your daily supplement should be nourishing in more ways than one. Many Floradix formulas are purity-tested, non-GMO, kosher, lactose-free, and alcohol-free, with no artificial additives or preservatives. All formulas are vegetarian or vegan, meaning there’s an option for you regardless of your dietary preferences. Your journey to wellness just got easier.