Forget dinner and a movie or a bouquet of red roses. If you and your partner are all about fitness and movement, think outside the traditional box when it comes to your Valentine’s Day date and get your hearts pounding as a pair instead. Single? Why not call a friend and head to a barre class together, then grab dinner and drinks after? 

We’re not going to tell you not to indulge in those delicious Valentine’s treats or give in to the pink and red romantic vibes, but if you’re more into rock climbing than rom-coms, look no further than these date ideas for active couples.

Take an AM exercise class together.

Why not start your V-Day by burning up a sweat a deux? Kick off the day by taking a class together, whether it’s a high-intensity spin class, boxing, cardio dance, or some restorative yoga. Challenge yourselves to try something new or lean into your competitive side and challenge each other. 

Rent a tandem bike.

If you live in a warmer climate and can easily get outside, why not rent a bicycle built for two and see the sights together? You’ll have to test your teamwork skills getting the bike in motion but once you’re moving, you’ll be so proud of your partnership. Consider packing a basket and having a picnic lunch or stopping at a local restaurant for lunch or dinner on your way.

Go snowshoeing, skating, or cross-country skiing.

Snow-based lovebirds should lace up their skates or wax their skis and enjoy the winter weather together. Snowshoeing and skating are two activities that are perfect for couples; you can grab mittened hands and tromp around together, then curl up on the couch with cozy cups of hot cocoa and a movie.

Take a long walk.

There’s nothing more romantic than a long stroll for two. After dinner, head out on a long walk together, hand-in-hand. Leave your phones at home so you can really connect. You may not be moving at top speed, but you’re still getting your steps in for the day, not to mention spending quality time with the person you love most. If you have kids or pets, get them involved too! 

Make a healthy meal together.

Instead of booking a reservation at a busy restaurant, why not create romantic ambiance at home and make a healthy, delicious dinner for two? Now’s the time to test out that recipe you’ve been saving for something special! Fill your plates with lean protein and leafy greens, then indulge in something sweet for dessert. (And don’t forget your daily dose of Floradix® Iron + Herbs Liquid Herbal Supplement to help support healthy energy for all this fun!)

Go rock climbing.

Relationships aren’t always a walk in the park; they can be challenging, but the climb is always worth it — just like when you reach the top of a climbing wall! Book time at a climbing gym, suit up in your gear, and scale that wall together, just as you do the tough stuff in your relationship.