If you ask us, every minute of springtime makes for a great teatime. The mornings and evenings are still crisp and cool, perfect for a warm cuppa, while the sunny, warmer days give ample opportunity for a refreshing glass over ice.

Not surprisingly, at Floradix, we love an herbal tea. But did you know that herbal tea isn’t technically tea at all, hence why this recipe is called a tisane. If you’re not familiar with the term tisane, it’s just another way of saying herbal “tea” or, more accurately, herbal infusion.

True tea all comes from one plant: Camellia sinensis. The leaves and buds of this evergreen shrub are used to make caffeinated teas, from black tea, to white, green, oolong, and so on. Naturally caffeine-free rooibos, chamomile, peppermint, ginger, hibiscus, and other tisanes come from their respective plants, of course, though they become a delicious beverage in exactly the same way as their caffeine-containing counterparts (fresh or dried plant matter + water + time), hence the desire to lump them into the tea category.

This tisane is a triple whammy: hibiscus, ginger, and rose in one. Plus, it uses our Red Beet Crystals for extra color and health benefits.* Read on for the recipe.

Red Beet Crystals: Veggies, in a Cup!

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Hibiscus, Ginger & Rose Tisane

Herbal Tisane with Red Beet Crystals

Hibiscus, ginger, and rose mix beautifully together, and our Red Beet Crystals only enhance the bold red-pink color of hibiscus and compliment its bright flavor. But you can certainly tweak this recipe with your favorite herbs and plants. Red Beet Crystals work really well with other red teas, too: think rooibos, raspberry, or pomegranate. Play around and have fun! Enjoy the tisane warm or iced.


Tisane Ingredients

• 1 heaping tbsp Red Beet Crystals

• 1 tsp loose-leaf hibiscus and ginger herbal tea blend

• 2-5 organic dried rose buds (optional)

• 1.5 cups water


1. Bring water to a boil.

2. Add loose-leaf herbal tea, Red Beet Crystals, and roses if using to a tea ball or other tea infuser.

3. Let tea mixture steep in hot water for 5-10 minutes.

4. Pour into your teacup, add your choice of sweetener or lemon, and enjoy! If you’d prefer it cold, let the tisane cool before pouring it over ice.

Recipe and photographs courtesy of Amy Ortiz

A superfan of our superfood supplement, Amy Ortiz is a photographer, food blogger, and content creator in Asheville, NC. She enjoys living a simple yet enriching life on a farm, raising a multicultural family, and cooking wholesome and delicious homemade food. Amy is the creator of the Señora Amy Ortiz blog, which features an assortment of authentic recipes from around the world and her own original culinary creations. She is also the creator of Spicy Grandmas—a YouTube Channel series—where she learns to cook from the world's most endearing and daring grandmothers.

WEBSITE: www.senoraamyortiz.com