Just because you’re heading off on a summer vacation or weekend trip doesn’t mean you have to leave your favorite products and routines behind. In fact, staying on track even when you’re far from home means you’ll feel better for all the adventures ahead!
While you can definitely take a day or two off from your usual routine to relax and enjoy yourself on a well-earned vacation, chances are you’ll feel a little off-balance if you deviate too far from the practices and rituals that you rely on day after day. Ahead, discover our favorite tips for stress-free summer travel and how to prioritize your wellness on the road, in the air, or on the beach.


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Pack healthy snacks.
Whether you’re heading to the airport or hopping in the car, resist the urge to spend a ton of cash on travel snacks. We all have our favorite road trip foods, but balance the salty or sweet treats with healthy, packable foods like cut fruit and veggies, nuts or trail mix, and string cheese, plus lots of water.


Get active.
You don’t need to bring your entire workout routine with you, but regular movement keeps your energy up even on the most relaxing vacation. Wake up early and go for a long walk or jog. Spend the day splashing in the pool, the lake, or the ocean with your kids. Go for a kayak or canoe ride, or try a paddleboard. If you’re exploring the city, wear comfortable shoes and see what you find on foot, or buy a one-time pass at a local studio and try a workout class.


Try and stick to your usual schedule.
It’s fun to sleep in and stay up late while on vacation, but it can really throw off your circadian rhythms, especially if there’s a time change involved. Plus, if you’re traveling with kids, you know how important it is to stick to their schedule. If at all possible, try and stick to your wake-up and bedtime routines from home so it’s not a huge adjustment when the trip ends.


Plan for relaxation.
It’s easy to overextend yourself while exploring a new place, so don’t plan everything down to the second! Give yourself time to just be: to lay around, read a book, take a nap, and decompress. That’s what vacation is for!