Nobody needs more stuff this holiday season. Do you know what your grandparents, nieces and nephews, and friends actually want? Not candles, coffee, or a new sweater — they want quality time with you!

Gifting experiences is a fun way to bond with the people you love and make memories that last well after the gift wrap is cleaned up and the decorations put away.

For new parents:

Tell your sister you’ll take the kids for the night and give her the evening off for a date night or day at the salon. Babysitting is truly the best gift for busy parents, and you get quality time with the kids. Win win!

For nieces, nephews, and other kids you love:

Instead of toys and tech, give them a special day with you! Treat the kids in your life to a day dedicated to them — maybe it’s lunch and a movie, a trip to the trampoline park or climbing wall, or a few hours at an art or science museum exploring the wonders of the world. Gift them a year-long membership for their favorite museums or zoo and make a point to go together a few times through the year. It may sound simple, but spending quality time together with no screens and no distractions makes the best memories.

For your partner:

Reenact your first or your most memorable date. Revisit how and where you fell in love; it’s a simple but sweet and thoughtful way to remember your commitment to one another. If your partner has a green thumb — or wants to cultivate one — consider signing them up for a plant subscription box; they’ll be able to hone their skills with vibrant, vivid living things all year.

For grandparents:

Grandma and Grandpa want need another digital picture frame or heated coffee cup. If your grandparents are getting older and less mobile, why not gift them some help around the house? Do yard work, clean clutter, organize the basement, and then make them dinner and spend some time just chatting and enjoying each other’s company. Take Grandma to a play or rent a canoe and spend the day on the water with Grandpa.

For friends:

Candles and books are great, of course, but your friends would really love one-on-one time with you, whether that’s a dinner date, seeing a play, or going on a girls’ trip. This year, consider going in on a weekend away with your closest pals. If that’s not feasible, what about a group cooking class, candle making class, wine tasting, or a spa day?

For coworkers:

Office white elephant gifts can be fun, but you often end up with more coffee mugs, joke presents, and gift cards than you know what to do with. Why not propose adopting a family as a team or making a donation to a charity in your community instead? Just as you work together to get that big project past the finish line, you can work together to make the season brighter for others — and have fun doing it.

For your most active, nature-loving pals:

They’re always camping, trail running, and exploring. Unlock the adventure with a yearlong pass to a nearby state or national park; they will definitely put it to good use!